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English is one of the most popular languages but, either in business or personal relationships, a different language may become a barrier in communication. In those moments, finding a good translator is essential.

We translate any Portuguese or English content: e-mails, sites, e-books, subtitles, small quotes – everything!
Portuguese is our mother tongue and we do English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English translations and Portuguese proofreading. Since we work with health sciences graduates we have also a specialized translation service: medical/scientific.

We have experience in freelance English-Portuguese translation, and our compromise is a high quality reliable service, adapted to your needs, with short delivery time and competitive prices.

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Price list

  Standard EXPRESS
Regular translation $0,04/word $0,06/word
Medical/scientific translation $0,09/word $0,11/word
Proofreading (Portuguese) $0,02/word $0,04/word
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< 2000 words:

12 hours

We will meet the deadline you set in the form.

2001–4000 words:

24 hours

> 4000 words:

Words ÷ 4000 = Days*

* Example: An express work with 11045 words will be finished within 3 days: 11045 words ÷ 4000 = 2,8 ≈ 3 days



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